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Welcome to Oak Crest Private School

What Makes Us Different

Oak Crest Private School delivers a proven, challenging curriculum used by an acclaimed network of schools. The educational program features an early reading program and rigorous academics balanced by lots of hands-on activities. Small classes (6:1 student to teacher ratio) coupled with highly effective learning techniques allow students to master their materials fully before moving on to more difficult topics. Each student from pre-K(3) to 8th grade follows a custom-tailored personal program that ensures optimum learning. The combination of a self-paced program and the emphasis on full comprehension builds real certainty and confidence in the students.

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Real World Application

Monthly field trips and regular practical projects enable students to connect what is taught at school to the real world. Whether children are hatching chickens, growing worms for composting, using everyday household items for chemistry experiments, or practicing for a dance, music or theater performance, students are exposed to a wide range of experiences.

No Teaching to the Test

The academic emphasis is on the ability of students to reason with data and apply what has been learned rather than on test taking skills. However, when students take standardized tests once a year, their average score is in the 93rd percentile of students nationwide.

Friendly, Safe Environment

At Oak Crest Private School, children thrive in a safe and friendly environment that embraces religious, cultural and ethnic diversity. Our students become competent, able to apply what was studied, and they develop a strong love of learning. When they move on to other schools, they commonly begin at the top of their class.