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Hildegard JessupWelcome to our website. I invite you to take some time on our site to discover all that we have to offer. We are unlike any other school in the Dallas area.

All students at our school are placed based on ability rather than age. Throughout their education, students follow individual programs that allow them to advance at their own pace.

Our emphasis is on full mastery of the materials learned. In our small classes, students who are talented in an area can move rapidly through those subjects, but teachers ensure that nothing is missed. Every child is unique and so is their path through our challenging program. It is not the amount of time spent in the classroom that matters, but the mastery of what is being learned.

We feel that it is vital that children have a solid grounding in the basics from which they can expand into any field they may choose. Not only should a student master these underlying tools very well, but he or she should then be able to use what was learned. Our teaching and study methods stress practical application, and whenever possible, students work with the actual material or objects being studied. In this way, the student is able to evaluate new information learned and compare its value to the real world.

This results in students who love going to school. They arrive eager to learn when they are three or four years old, and this enthusiasm carries on without diminishing through Middle School.

Our learning methods celebrate each unique individual. Along with that, we cherish the diversity of our student population. We have many different ethnicities, religious backgrounds and nationalities represented at our school, both among the students and the teachers. The school is a reflection of what an ever more international world looks like, and children have the opportunity to explore what is different and what is the same between themselves and families from other cultures. From this, we have woven a tight-knit, friendly community.

I would like to encourage you to call us at (214) 483-5400 to schedule a visit of our beautiful school located near President George Bush Turnpike and Interstate 35E in Carrollton. This is the best way to get a feeling for who we are and how much we have to offer. I look forward to meeting you.

Hildegard Jessup
Head of School


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