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StandardsAt Oak Crest Private School, the standard is that students pass each course after they have mastered their materials 100%. When a child completes a unit, whether this is a reading textbook, a math chapter or a science course, and it is felt that a student has learned his or her materials, he or she is sent to the examiner.

The examiner is a teacher whose job it is to verify that students fully understand and can use what has been taught. The examiner gives the child a test covering what was learned and scores it. If the student demonstrates full mastery of the materials, he or she returns to the regular classroom and can start with the next activity. However, if the child needs more work in a particular area, the examiner becomes a tutor and works one-on-one with the child to sort out any confusions and to ensure that full understanding is achieved.

In this manner, students are never left with areas of their education that they did not fully grasp or can’t use.


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