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The Arts

Pastel landscapeThe school’s art class has the dual purpose of teaching the joy of creating art as well as the appreciation of well-known artists.  Each month, we feature a different artist. Students learn about him or her and frequently do art projects inspired by the type of work that this artist did. At other times, art classes focus on different media (water colors, oil pastels, chalks, and so forth) or techniques such as perspective, shading or blending colors.

Deepavali Dance 5Music like-wise has a two-pronged approach with some time spent in listening and learning about music, and the remainder spent stressing the fun of singing as a group.  Students have the opportunity to perform several times each year. For students who would like to be the star, there is often the opportunity to perform a solo.

Holiday Performance BeginnersWhat is performed varies. Students have performed dances from different time periods and from around the world. They have played on the recorder, sang beautiful choral music of many different types and performed full-length musical plays.

Eye Art AwardOak Crest Private School also has teachers who come to the school and offer ballet, hip hop, hula hoop, and piano classes for students who are interested.

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