Voted Best Private School In Carrollton



Creating a highly productive atmosphere centered on caring and kindness, our dedicated teachers work each day to inspire students. Teachers set high standards for their classes and help each child to meet these. The result is a pervasive positive tone with happy children.

The school has roughly 50 students and twelve staff. Ten of these are teachers. Our average full-time teacher is in the seventh year with the school and therefore has years of experience working with children and our curriculum.

In addition to their college degrees, teachers at Oak Crest Private School have thorough training in our educational approach, called study technology. Each teacher receives extensive training in the delivery of our curriculum and participates in continuing education throughout the year. Every staff member is trained in CPR and First Aid. All teachers are further trained in the safe transportation of children with special emphasis on learning how to safely conduct field trips.

Outside of the classroom, our staff are involved in many interesting activities as well. Some of their activities have included: coaching LEGO robotics in conjunction with the University of Texas robotics team; rock climbing in Colorado; traveling the world from Europe to Indonesia; and singing in and performing with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra choir.

The skill of our students is proof of the competence of our teachers.


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