TRY US OUT! Get a FREE trial day and discover what we have to offer!

TRY US OUT! Get a FREE trial day and discover what we have to offer!

Middle School

Independent Thinkers

Middle school art projects

In addition to a very solid academic foundation for high school, students in our middle school learn how to use highly effective study methods that turn them into truly independent learners. Students’ horizons are expanded as a result of a reading program, that not only increases their literacy and ability to understand more and more complex materials, but that also introduces them to a wide range of cultures, historical time periods and non-fiction works. In middle school, it is our goal to develop judgment in the students about what they are studying, whether it is math, science, history or any other topic and to encourage them to become independent thinkers. The foundation for this is a solid understanding of what has been learned.

100% Mastery of Each Student’s Personal Program

students reading

Students advance through challenging custom-tailored programs that take a child’s individual interests and academic needs into consideration. A part of each day is spent in seminars such as the ones that invite discussion of current events, but many courses are done by the students individually and are therefore self-paced. With careful supervision by teachers in small classes, it is ensured that each student achieves 100% mastery of the materials being learned. Book learning is combined with many hands-on projects and regular field trips to ensure that students do not lose sight of the connection between their studies and the real world.

Learning How to Lead

Hands on learning

Through various projects, students are encouraged to take on leadership roles and to take on more responsibility. Whether middle schoolers are starting a business, running a bake sale or heading up a group of students to clean and straighten up the school, they are put in charge of real activities where the results matter.

Sports and the Arts

Our lively performing arts program gives students the opportunity to be on stage. Students who are interested have a wide range of choices. They can be a part of a choir, sing a solo, perform a dance, act a part in a play and more. In addition, all students have weekly art classes where they are introduced to various well-known artists and have the opportunity to be creative themselves.

Sports are taught during our weekly P.E. classes that focus on good sportsmanship and the joy of the game.

End of Year Trip

At the end of each year, our middle schoolers have the opportunity to participate in a trip that lasts several days. Destinations have included Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, New York City and Washington, D.C. A huge amount of sightseeing is packed into each day. The thrill could be cooking over a campfire, visiting a capitol, wandering around the Statue of Liberty, visiting the White House or paddling a canoe through City Lake in Austin, but regardless of what it is, a great time is had by all.

Middle school field trip

Lots of Learning, Lots of Fun

In short, our middle school students’ days are jam-packed with learning, but we also have a lot of fun!


Summer Camp

Academics and fun!

During the summer months, Oak Crest Private School is a whirlwind of activities that combine academics and fun where children can have lots of new experiences.

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