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Philosophy and Mission Statement

Schoolchildren from around the worldIt is the goal of Oak Crest Private School to educate bright students so that they have a solid educational foundation that sets them up to excel in their future education and to have the basic tools that they will need for life. It is our aim to challenge every student without overwhelming any by providing a thorough and individualized program that aligns with the student's goals and the parents' wishes for the child. Emphasis is placed on ensuring that students achieve 100 percent mastery of what has been taught and that students learn the study skills that will allow them to successfully and independently continue learning throughout high school, college and the rest of their lives.

Oak Crest Private School focuses on creating an honest, productive, safe and friendly environment for all students. It is our aim to create a nurturing environment for children of all ethnicities and religious backgrounds. Whereas it is felt that it is important to acknowledge the basic spiritual nature of man, no particular religious beliefs are taught.



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