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Elementary School

Teaching elementary schoolAt Oak Crest Private School, we have joyful classrooms filled with bustling children engrossed in their work.  Teachers circulate among their students to answer questions and to ensure that everyone is making progress. Some classes are taught as seminars, but others involve independent work. Since a typical class has ten students or less in it, every child receives a lot of individual attention from the teacher.

Inspiring a Love of Learning

Elementary school choirThe goal is to inspire a love of learning. Academics are coupled with hands-on activities. Our youngest children might form letters with their fingers on their tables drawing in shaving cream. Older ones might build volcanoes that actually erupt, and then present them to their class with an explanation of what happened. Every year, the students plant seeds to grow in our vegetable and flower garden.

Forms Versus Grades

Every person learns at a different rate, and we want to be certain that every child fully masters the materials being taught. Therefore we do not use traditional grade levels.

Instead, we use a system of forms. Each form has specific graduation requirements that each student must achieve before its completion. Every child follows an individual program with stiff targets that is custom-tailored to ensure that he or she is challenged, but not overwhelmed. If a student is excellent in a particular subject area, such as for example math, the child can advance in this area and continue to be challenged without concern for the class’s norm. This ensures optimum learning occurs for every student.

Emphasis on 100% Mastery

The emphasis throughout the school is on 100% mastery of the materials learned. Students attain a very solid academic foundation. They gain tremendous self-confidence along with the certainty of what they have learned.

Monthly Field Trips

Children with baby chicksAt least once a month, children go on field trips. They might see a play or visit the symphony. They might visit the fire station or tour a farm to see where food is grown. Field trips include such destinations as Dallas Heritage Village, where they can see how people lived long ago, a visit to the Perot Museum of Science and Nature or a visit to an operating business.

With every outing, students are introduced to another aspect of life. The teacher’s lessons relate to the real world and the students can see that they do. We never want students to lose sight of the fact that the purpose of learning is not to pass a test, but rather is to be able to apply what has been learned in life.

Due to the individualized nature of our program, mid-year enrollments are possible for those classes that do not have a waiting pool. Students receive academic tests that determine their admission eligibility and from these, the form in which they would place and their exact program is developed.

Overview of Our Elementary School Curriculum

Elementary school singingMath: Build a solid foundation that develops an ability to reason with math in order to build the skills needed to solve problems

Science: Build the ability to observe and discover

Literacy: Starting with phonics, inspire children to love to read by introducing them to a wide range of excellent children’s books that expand students’ reading ability and their understanding of the world, appreciation for different cultures and periods of history

Character Education: Introduce the children to a moral code based on common sense to give them the tools to build a happy life

Performing Arts: Offer a variety of classes and regular performance opportunities to introduce children to the delight of music, dance and theater and to start them on the path towards becoming confident in front of an audience

Visual Arts: Experience the joy of creativity and an appreciation for well-known artists

Physical Education: Inspire health, fitness and good sportsmanship

Foreign Language: Introduce students to Spanish

Technology:  Regular use of computers.

Learning How to Learn: Teach effective study skills that lead to full comprehension

Parent Testimonial

"My daughter is 5 years old and has been attending Oak Crest for 2 years. In public school, she would be in kindergarten, learning her ABC's, shapes and numbers. Instead she already reads at what looks to me like a 2nd grade level and writes legibly in both upper and lower case letters. Her math skills are also quite surprising. If education is the key to success, my daughter is getting a remarkable start on that road. I believe that the teachers and methods of Oak Crest have taken what might have been an average student and turned her into a girl who is excelling beyond her age.

"On top of all that, she also LOVES going to school each day and is disappointed when it's not a school day! What a bonus! My wife and I couldn't be happier with our decision to put her into this school."
– John Bianchi

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