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Ready to learn? Too young? No problem!

Children gardeningDo you have a child that is three years old, potty-trained and ready to learn? If yes, then your child could join the school that has never had a four-year-old that could not read and has been repeatedly voted Carrollton’s Best Private School! Why settle for a daycare or childcare when your child could experience so much more?

At Oak Crest Private School, each child receives an individualized program that builds on what the child already knows and develops areas that still need to be learned. Children’s ability to express themselves improves dramatically, as they are introduced to many new topics in our small and friendly classes. Interactions with fellow class-mates teach them vital social skills. Through lots of hands-on projects and field trips that invite children to explore the real world, their natural curiosity is encouraged and reinforced.

Learning to addChildren thrive in this fun- and learning-filled atmosphere where each child is treated as the unique individual that they are, and where they are allowed to advance at their own pace. On one day, they might be learning how to use a zipper, and on the next, they might be working on how to hold a pencil correctly and dive into a writing readiness book. With singing, dancing, playing and learning, the days fly by in our happy and safe classrooms.

Neya learning lettersEach day is an action-packed adventure that leads children to a broader understanding of the world around them.


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