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Students' art projectFirst and foremost, we aim to ignite a spark in the children that inspires them to be eager learners. In order to lay the foundation for academic success, we feel that it is vital that children have a solid grounding in the basics from which they can expand into any field they may choose. Since the basics are what an education is built on, this is our primary focus in Elementary School. Not only should a student master these underlying tools very well, but they should then be able to use what they have learned.

Our teaching and study methods stress practical application, and whenever possible, students work with the actual material or objects being studied. In this way, the student is able to evaluate new information learned and compare its value in the real world.

For our youngest students, science, technology, geography and social studies are taught through teacher-lead seminars which frequently culminate in hands-on projects or field trips. As they become ready for them, students do supervised independent study courses.

These courses span a huge range of topics. When students learn about directions on a map, they learn how to use a compass. When they learn about electricity, they assemble circuits and learn how to demonstrate current, voltage and resistance. As they study the relationship between the earth’s rotation, the sun and the moon in order to learn what makes day and night and the seasons, they observe the moon and draw its changes in shape.

Students receive Spanish classes each week. Emphasis is on the ability to communicate effectively and to build up a vocabulary while being introduced to Hispanic culture.

Students regularly participate in P.E. Our large playground allows games ranging from soccer to kickball. Rules of games are learned and basic sports skills are practiced while students’ stamina is increased, and students get a chance to extrovert between studies.

As each school year progresses, our students gain in abilities rather than being burdened down by an ever-increasing amount of material that they did not fully comprehend. We work hard to maintain a child’s innate joy of learning and measure our success by the degree to which each student’s desire to continue discovering new knowledge is maintained and increased as they acquire a thorough understanding of the world.


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