TRY US OUT! Get a FREE trial day and discover what we have to offer!

TRY US OUT! Get a FREE trial day and discover what we have to offer!

At a Glance

School Facts

Type of School Co-educational, independent school
Accreditation Texas Alliance of Accredited Private Schools
Religious Affiliation None
Total Enrollment 55
Students Per School 10 Preschool
26 Lower School (K – 3rd grade)
9 Elementary School (4th – 6th grade)
10 Middle School (7th – 8th grade)
Total Faculty 11
Faculty/Student Ratio 1:5
Enrollment Rolling admissions, space permitting
School Term August – May
Number of Clubs 9
Summer Camp June – July
School Day Hours 8:30 – 3:45
Childcare Extended day: 7:30 – 6:00
Childcare on School Holidays
Licensing Texas Health and Human Services
Applied Scholastics
Texas Private Schools Association


  • Proven, high-quality, challenging curriculum
  • Self-paced student progress not based on age, including Early Kindergarten
  • 100% mastery of materials being learned
  • Safe, friendly, culturally diverse
  • Small class sizes ensure teacher attention for each child
  • Emphasis on ability to use what is learned, not on exams
  • Monthly field trips complement in-class hands-on learning
  • Art, Music, P.E., Spanish, Dance, Instruments
  • Nonreligious character education

Summer Camp

Academics and fun!

During the summer months, Oak Crest Private School is a whirlwind of activities that combine academics and fun where children can have lots of new experiences.

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