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Forms versus Grades

Three friends - Oak Crest Private SchoolDue to the emphasis on complete mastery of each subject presented, Oak Crest Private School does not use traditional grade levels where children are advanced based on a school year and their age. Instead, students must acquire a mastery of certain skills which are grouped into “Forms.” In order to graduate from a particular Form, a student must master the material within each subject of the level. Forms vary in length, but generally take between 15 and 18 months.

Each student has an individual written program that guides him or her through the form. As soon as the student has attained the knowledge and skills required, he or she moves up to the next higher form. This can happen at any point during the school year and is solely determined by the student's ability to meet the academic standard for the level. It is not limited by his or her age.

Below is a table that indicates ideal age ranges and rough grade level equivalents for the forms as used at Oak Crest Private School.

Form Age in
Years: Months
Grade Level
Early Beginners 3:0 - 4:6 Pre-K / Kindergarten
Beginners 1 4:0 - 6:1 Kindergarten
Beginners 2 4:7 - 7:1 First half of Grade 1
Form 1 5:7 - 8:3 Second half of Grade 1 through Grade 2
Form 2 6:9 - 9:6 Grade 3 through first half of Grade 4
Form 3 8:0 - 10:11 Last half of Grade 4 through Grade 5
Form 4 9:7 - 12:7 Grade 6 through first half of Grade 7
Form 5 11:3 - 14:6 Last half of Grade 7 through Grade 8


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