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Our Students Love To Learn: Here’s What
They Have To Say!

Our aim at Oak Crest Private School is to have students who enjoy their studies, and know that they are progressing towards more independence, knowledge and certainty. Here are some of the things our students have to say about school and their courses.

Middle School Students

“I have learned a lot from this school. I am smarter in math, my handwriting is better, I understand more words than I used to and I have learned more about study skills.

I have learned more from this school in one year than I would have in two years in most other schools.” Kyle J. Age 12

“When I came to Oak Crest Private School, I hated reading, only wrote in print, and was starting to struggle in math. Now I love reading, my cursive looks nice, and I understand my math.

For my math, I have re-learned everything that I didn’t quite understand. Now my math makes sense. I have also made many new friends. My teachers are my friends too.

I really love this school.” K.M. Age 13 (After one year at Oak Crest Private School)

“I learned a lot from this school that I don’t think I could have learned anywhere else. I got a lot of help from all of the teachers in this school.

I know I can use everything I learned in math in life. That will help me a lot. I really did not want to leave my old school last year only because of my friends, but I am really glad I came to Oak Crest Private School.

I think that I would rather have a real good education and have a really good future.” C.O. Age 12

“It used to take me at least ten seconds to answer a math fact and now it only takes me 1/4 of a second. In spelling, I couldn’t spell many words and now I can spell so many words it is unbelievable, and in writing I have improved a lot. I also know a great deal about math. Other schools would just teach you how to solve the problems.

At this school, I learned not only how to solve the problems but also why they work that way and the definitions of all the math terms.” C. S. Age 11

Lower School Students

“I like when I read silently. I like when I read a lot of books. I wanted to read my pre-primer more and get better at it. I got better at it and better and better so I got more practice and could go on to another story. I read all of the pages in the pre-primer and I’m good at it.” M.S. Age 4

“I’ve gotten better at writing and reading and spelling and math and other courses. And I had a lot of fun this year.” C.M. Age 5

“Last year my handwriting was bad and now my handwriting is really nice. I completed seven instructional readers (reading textbooks) and I am learning the 50 capitals.” S.G. Age 6

“I liked this year a lot. I write better in cursive. I learned more history. I also learned a lot from the field trips. I enjoyed this year! I had fun.” L.D. Age 9

Former Students

“My success from going to Oak Crest Private School is that I have really come to understand math. From all of the mathematics that is taught there, I have learned all the basic definitions and terms that are very necessary for later levels of math. At the moment I attend public school, which is easy as ever. In math, I have the highest average in my ninth grade class and not because I try to study hard or try to memorize the terms and definitions. All I have to do is listen and use the study methods I learned at Oak Crest Private School to learn the words and all the rules are simple and even fun. In other words I would like to thank all of Oak Crest for giving me the necessary tools for school and I hope that this necessary knowledge is passed on continually.” Love, C. J. Age 15

“Oak Crest Private School has been such an amazing school for me. I have learned things that I would never have learned at any other school. My reading and spelling have improved vastly. I have a very much better way of understanding mathematics, and almost everything has improved in me. My life has changed immensely during these three years. I can communicate with others better, feel really good about my work and myself. I enjoyed Oak Crest Private School!” J.P. Age 14

“I graduated from Oak Crest when I was 13 and I am now going to Delphi, a boarding school in Oregon. Oak Crest prepared me for Delphi better than any other school could have. At my previous schools I was pushed along past things that I didn’t understand, making my education harder and harder for me. At Oak Crest I was not allowed to go past something that I didn’t understand, and learning became fun. The fundamental education I received has proven to be invaluable to my education and life so far.” Kelsie M.


“There is no school in existence quite like this one. Nowhere have my children attended a school where the one on one attention from the teachers is like having a personal tutor! No mistakes are passed by – not one math problem, not one misunderstood word. The children are never left not totally understanding anything about any of their subjects!

I have to commend the incredible patience, skill and understanding of this faculty. My daughter is reading and understanding words some college students don’t know. This is the most thorough system of education available today. I see these children blossom and grow and learn – really LEARN! Don’t grow up without it!” K.K. (Mother of a ten year-old)

“I am a parent of 9 yr old, who has been attending the school for 1 year. I am happy with the teacher/student ratio and the care that each of the teachers have provided for my child. I believe this could be one of the best decisions I have made.”

“There is no other school in the state that is of the caliber of Oak Crest. My child is actually learning 100% of what he is taught. I know from personal experience that it is possible for students to lose their education, because they didn’t actually “learn” what they were being taught. Not true for Oak Crest students! They know how to learn and love it.”

“As a mother of 3 students at this school I couldn’t be happier with my children’s progress. They are all enthusiastic about their studies and routinely thank me for selecting this school.”

“My two boys have attended Oak Crest for 4 and 3 years. They both love going to school and are doing well in their classes. My favorite part is that they learn everything 100% before going on and learning something that is more difficult.”

“This is the best school I have ever seen! In 17 years in the field of education, I have not seen a school that even comes close to this one in terms of academic excellence. The staff are really on top of their game!”

“My son is eight years old. He has been attending Oak Crest for two years. Last month national testing was done and his overall reading skill tested at an eighth grade level. Needless to say I was pleased. More importantly he is learning skills of social interaction and responsibility. Parents are encouraged and required to participate heavily in their child’s education. After seeing his gains and the quality of other graduates, I cannot speak highly enough of Oak Crest and its faculty.”

Summer Camp

Academics and fun!

During the summer months, Oak Crest Private School is a whirlwind of activities that combine academics and fun where children can have lots of new experiences.

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