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TRY US OUT! Get a FREE trial day and discover what we have to offer!

Parent Review – Dana Jackson

One of the Best Private Schools in the Dallas Area:

Oak Crest Private School

Oak Crest Private School is a co-educational private school, founded in 1999 and located in Carrollton, Texas, near the George Bush Tollway and 35E. With a very small student/teacher ratio, we deliver a great deal of one-on-one attention.

Our mission is to help students to maximize their potential and to create a solid educational foundation, which builds a joy of learning in each child.

We feel that it is vital that the children have a solid grounding in the basics from which they can expand into any field they may choose. Not only should a student master these underlying tools very well, but he should then be able to use what he has learned. Our teaching and study methods stress practical application, and whenever possible, students work with the actual material or objects being studied. In this way, the student is able to evaluate new information learned and compare its value to the real world.

Due to the emphasis on complete mastery of each subject presented, our school does not use traditional grades where children are advanced based on a school year and their age. Instead, students must acquire a mastery of certain skills which are grouped in “Forms”. In order to graduate from a particular Form, a student must master the material within each subject. Forms vary in length, but generally take between 15 and 18 months. In our curriculum, the momentum of each Form is continued and built upon in each succeeding Form. This approach breaks learning down into several programs that stress those skills that are most important for success.

Summer Camp

Academics and fun!

During the summer months, Oak Crest Private School is a whirlwind of activities that combine academics and fun where children can have lots of new experiences.

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