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"When we started to plan our move from Finland to Texas, the first thing we looked at was school options for our children. They were 7, 9 and 11 at the time and only the oldest one spoke a little bit of English. We wanted them to be able to learn the language and study in a comfortable, safe environment with teachers that truly care for them and help them prosper in their studies. It was also very important to us that our children would be able to attend a school that focuses on each individual student and their strengths allowing children to learn and progress at their own pace. During our phone call with Ms. Hildegard and our school visit, it became clear to us that Oak Crest Private School offers all this and much more. Their curriculum impressed us from the beginning and the decision to place our children at Oak Crest Private School was very easy.

During their time at Oak Crest Private School our children not only learned to master the English language but also excelled in all their studies. The support from their teachers was phenomenal. Our children were encouraged to be curious, to learn the valuable methods of independent studying, to master all topics fully and much more.

For our family, Oak Crest staff quickly became like family and helped us get settled in a new country. We truly appreciate the friendships both the kids and us parents have formed and will cherish them forever.

After spending 3 wonderful years at Oak Crest our family moved to another town and we transferred our children to local public schools where they all are thriving and have received numerous academic awards. We know that this is the result of everything that they have learned at Oak Crest Private School.

We absolutely love everything about Oak Crest Private School and can highly recommend them."

The Jousmäki family

"The journey all began when I was just a little girl—a kindergarten graduate—that faced a foreign country. I was six years old when I first left my mother country, China, and moved to the U.S. I was reluctant to leave my comfort zone, but meanwhile, my childish curiosity pondered what life would be like in a new land. It was hard for me when I first arrived and had faced many obstacles. I remember all of the difficulties as if it was yesterday, language barriers, cultural differences, trouble with socializing, and much more. Frustration and despair isolated me from schoolmates, like a single penguin standing on thin, floating ice. After enduring defeat in both socializing and academic achievements for four years, I felt beat and was on the verge of losing hope, and that was when I stumbled upon a “Utopia,” Oak Crest, where my dream commenced.

Truthfully, my first impression of the school wasn’t exactly astonishing. Unlike other schools, Oak Crest was small and had a different teaching system. I started attending the school with doubt if Oak Crest could be of good use to me. As time advanced, I truly learned the lesson of not judging a book by its cover. On my first day at Oak Crest, I was embraced with a warmth that I haven’t experienced in 4 years. I was welcomed by the nicest, German teacher, Ms. Claudia. Her kindness loosened the lock of frustration and discouragement in my heart. My welcome buddy was also the sweetest girl, she lent me help throughout the day whenever I needed it, and never showed a single trace of impatience. After just a single week at Oak Crest, my precautious defense and anxiety were all forgotten in the past.

Oak Crest planned intriguing field trips and activities that once more engaged my interest in learning. Oak Crest helped me discover my true potential at learning. Their unique yet remarkable academic system designed a personal learning plan just for me. In Oak Crest, each student receives their own learning plan, and everyone moves at their own pace. This type of educational system doesn’t pressure the students. Instead, it encourages them to develop friendly “competitions” among themselves where they strive to catch up to students ahead of them. The targets you set for yourself are always easier to achieve than the goals that others set for you. The teachers at Oak Crest also believe that chastisement and punishment aren’t the best way to assist students on their paths of learning and growth. Rather than giving consequences to those who forgot to do their homework or didn’t complete the expected amount of classwork, the teachers sit down with students and encourage them to do better next time. After a long period of learning and growing under encouragement from teachers and classmates, the students will gain confidence that will accompany them in their future adventures. Oak Crest isn’t just a school, it is a big, warm family that can overcome anything.

Now I am currently a sophomore in a high school in California. Thanks to Oak Crest, I am no longer the shattered little girl. I concluded my freshman year with an excellent grade of five A+s and one A, and these achievements motivated me to choose more challenging classes in my sophomore year. None of these grades would have come so easily without the influence of Oak Crest. I believe I will continue to excel past my goals over and over again. The warm, encouraging words that my friends and teachers once said will support me through when things get rough.

I have overcome all the obstacles that stood in my way. To this day, my friends and teachers in Oak Crest still remain some of the most important people in my life. The adventure in Oak Crest has made me into someone different, someone that’s responsible and self-assured. Oak Crest doesn’t just teach you how to exceed in school, it also teaches you how to succeed in life. I can never thank Oak Crest enough, and though I am more than 1400 miles away, my memories of my time in Oak Crest will accompany me for the rest of my life."

- Sienna Lee

"As a parent that deeply values education, I sought out a private school for my daughter and and chose Oakcrest based on their philosophy of mastering each subject.  The concept of not moving on to the next level until you have mastered the previous one really struck a cord with me.  It makes complete sense that you can't truly comprehend and build on a subject if you only understand 70% of the material.  I also loved that children can move at their own pace and so naturally they will tend to move slower in subjects that are harder and faster in subjects that come easier.  Regardless, they still have to master them.  This teaches them self-motivation.  After my daughter started attending the school, I quickly realized the value extends even further.  The mixed age classes teaches them to help their peers.  The diversity teaches them to be curious and respect different backgrounds and cultures.  The teachers were deeply invested in teaching so the students became deeply invested in learning.  The school became like a family and teachers and parents bonded like a village.  My daughter graduated Oak Crest and is excelling in high school.  I can confidently say that she was very prepared to transition due to her experience at Oakcrest.  She still stays in touch with her classmates and teachers there.  The foundation of learning, discipline, respect and community is what Oakcrest is all about.  I  can truly say it's one of the best investments you can make."

- Crystal Arredondo

Crystal and Arabella Picture

"Where do I begin … This is a great school. The teachers are amazing - not just one, but all. The fact that my two kids love going to school says it all. They love what they are/have been taught. I can’t really pinpoint one thing I like, because the truth is, I love everything Oak Crest Private School has done for my kids. Hands down, it’s just an amazing place!"

- Carlos Calvillo

Parent testimonial - Carlos Calvillo

My two boys attended Oak Crest for four years. They have learned so much re how to study ANY subject with confidence. The skills they have learned go beyond this, including responsibility and making ethical decisions in life. I KNOW that my children will be successful in life because of what they've learned at this school. They are at a new school now (due to us moving), and their teachers are absolutely floored at the knowledge they both have. Their new teachers constantly tell me that they are so impressed with my children and Oak Crest for the wonderful job they've done in teaching my boys.

- E. Roark

Parent testimonial - Emily Roark

This school is exceptional! We moved to Texas, specifically Dallas, for this school. Nothing compares to the individual attention the students are given. The curriculum is essential, not just for the vital education of reading, writing and arithmetic, but also for the life skills it teaches such as discipline, creating one's own solutions, creativity, practicing leadership skills and developing the tenacity to stay with something until it is a 100% completion. From the curriculum, to the staff, to the students and parents, as a parent, I love everything about this school! Our son is in his 3rd year here. He loves everything about the school. He's so motivated! This will be his second year to get perfect attendance. He literally doesn't want to miss a day, nor be a minute late. That enthusiasm to learn applies to all areas of his life. There is a reason Oak Crest Private School gets voted Best Private School and the other awards it receives!

- L. Molina

Parent testimonial - Lisa Molina

It's just perfect!!!!

I have two kids in the school, four and seven years old.

Both of them didn't speak English at all. After a few months, they are literally reading English kids’ books and shortly after learning Spanish.

The philosophy is simple, full mastery of the subject to leave no empty holes in the child’s education.

The teachers are very friendly and highly qualified. They evaluate each child’s needs and give them the full attention to succeed.

The headmistress and all teachers have created a friendly and fun learning environment where children can enjoy learning. There are lots of hands-on activities and school trips.

If you want a solid educational foundation for your child, look no further, you found the right school!!!!

- Mohammed Alkharji

Parent testimonial - Mohammed Alkharji

Fantastic school. The teaching method is extremely effective and my son now LOVES to learn. At four years old, he is reading, doing math and problem solving. I am so grateful for the teachers and staff who are dedicated to my son’s success. If you are looking for a school that your child will love and want a child who is eager to learn, this is the home for them.

- S. Minter, Parent

Parent testimonial - Sarah Minter


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