Voted Best Private School In Carrollton


"Where do I begin … This is a great school. The teachers are amazing - not just one, but all. The fact that my two kids love going to school says it all. They love what they are/have been taught. I can’t really pinpoint one thing I like, because the truth is, I love everything Oak Crest Private School has done for my kids. Hands down, it’s just an amazing place!"

- Carlos Calvillo

Parent testimonial - Carlos Calvillo

My two boys attended Oak Crest for four years. They have learned so much re how to study ANY subject with confidence. The skills they have learned go beyond this, including responsibility and making ethical decisions in life. I KNOW that my children will be successful in life because of what they've learned at this school. They are at a new school now (due to us moving), and their teachers are absolutely floored at the knowledge they both have. Their new teachers constantly tell me that they are so impressed with my children and Oak Crest for the wonderful job they've done in teaching my boys.

- E. Roark

Parent testimonial - Emily Roark

I have been amazed by the leaps in my child’s social, emotional and developmental growth since she first began the program, and I am positive we owe these “growth spurts” to the incredibly competent and gifted staff.

- L. Andraju

Parent testimonial Lakshmi Andraju

This school is exceptional! We moved to Texas, specifically Dallas, for this school. Nothing compares to the individual attention the students are given. The curriculum is essential, not just for the vital education of reading, writing and arithmetic, but also for the life skills it teaches such as discipline, creating one's own solutions, creativity, practicing leadership skills and developing the tenacity to stay with something until it is a 100% completion. From the curriculum, to the staff, to the students and parents, as a parent, I love everything about this school! Our son is in his 3rd year here. He loves everything about the school. He's so motivated! This will be his second year to get perfect attendance. He literally doesn't want to miss a day, nor be a minute late. That enthusiasm to learn applies to all areas of his life. There is a reason Oak Crest Private School gets voted Best Private School and the other awards it receives!

- L. Molina

Parent testimonial - Lisa Molina

It's just perfect!!!!

I have two kids in the school, four and seven years old.

Both of them didn't speak English at all. After a few months, they are literally reading English kids’ books and shortly after learning Spanish.

The philosophy is simple, full mastery of the subject to leave no empty holes in the child’s education.

The teachers are very friendly and highly qualified. They evaluate each child’s needs and give them the full attention to succeed.

The headmistress and all teachers have created a friendly and fun learning environment where children can enjoy learning. There are lots of hands-on activities and school trips.

If you want a solid educational foundation for your child, look no further, you found the right school!!!!

- Mohammed Alkharji

Parent testimonial - Mohammed Alkharji

Fantastic school. The teaching method is extremely effective and my son now LOVES to learn. At four years old, he is reading, doing math and problem solving. I am so grateful for the teachers and staff who are dedicated to my son’s success. If you are looking for a school that your child will love and want a child who is eager to learn, this is the home for them.

- S. Minter, Parent

Parent testimonial - Sarah Minter


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