TRY US OUT! Get a FREE trial day and discover what we have to offer!

TRY US OUT! Get a FREE trial day and discover what we have to offer!


“I had my son go to Oak Crest Private School, elementary through middle school. I would say that choosing Oak Crest was one of the best decisions I have made for my child. The teachers were great with the kids, not just in academics, but in establishing a great student teacher relationship. They engaged the kids in open discussions about subjects, both academic and life. I would say that my son had a very liberating experience in freely voicing out his thoughts and opinions, which I think has greatly and positively impacted his personality overall.

I realized that the school had a nurturing environment for kids to pursue their passion, and not being forced to do as a class/ group. One other trait I notice in my son is taking responsibility for his work and not having to be nudged to do the same – which I see has come handy in his new school – which is a college preparatory. I hear from his new teachers that he is very articulate, hardworking, and friendly – which I think Oak crest should take credit for 🙂 To sum it up, Oak crest private school has given my child the best foundation possible.”

Summer Camp

Academics and fun!

During the summer months, Oak Crest Private School is a whirlwind of activities that combine academics and fun where children can have lots of new experiences.

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