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Science experiment middle school

Students learn science through a series of self-paced and decidedly hands-on courses. In addition to what they read from their books, students learn anatomy by drawing an outline of their own body and then filling in their major organs. They learn about simple machines and complete the course after they can demonstrate that they can use pulleys, inclined planes, wheels and axels and so forth to reduce the effort needed to lift an item to one tenth of what was required without the machines. Students learn about different types of engines and learn to build simple ones themselves.

They are introduced to electricity by creating circuits where they can see the relationship between voltage, current and resistance for themselves. A more advanced course teaches students more about the nature of electricity and then has students learn about how wiring in the home is done. The course culminates in the students installing a light fixture and a switch between two studs. When plugged into an electrical outlet, the switch and light must work.

Chemistry is introduced through a series of experiments on everyday household items. Students learn how to make their own litmus paper, and then are taught about acids, bases and the results of reactions between them.

Seminars introduce students to computer programming. Students learn how to use computers as effective tools. They learn how to type and how to use a word processor. Students are regularly required to demonstrate an ability to do research using different sources, which of course, include the Internet.

In addition to a considerable list of required science courses, students also have a wide array of elective science courses from which they can choose. If interested, they can learn micro-biology and study the nature of bacteria in the context of learning to make yogurt. They can choose to do a course about weather, where they learn about and then measure barometric pressure, wind direction and speed, temperature and precipitation, and in the end, create their own weather forecast based on the information learned in the course and the data collected. Students can learn about the different ways in which animals are classified as well as taking courses that go into more detail about particular classes of animals. The list of possible courses is very large, and there are many more.

Summer Camp

Academics and fun!

During the summer months, Oak Crest Private School is a whirlwind of activities that combine academics and fun where children can have lots of new experiences.

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